Our Difference Sustainability never tasted so good.

All from the Maple Guild

Usually, large maple companies buy batches of syrup from multiple producers, combine them into big batches then stick their label on it. You really don't know where your syrup comes from. The Maple Guild on the other hand, does all its production, every phase of it, in Island Pond, Vermont. It guarantees that you'll always get consistently delicious maple products, from one bottle to the next. We can even tell you what tree your syrup came from.

Seriously organic

The Maple Guild is Certified Organic and non-GMO. And that doesn't just mean we don't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Ours is a sustainable industry, and to keep it that way we take good care of the trees. We're stewards of the woods; making sure our trees grow strong and healthy, because healthy trees make better sap, and more of it.

Truth in flavor

Did you know that maple has a flavor? You're forgiven for thinking it doesn't, because grocery store shelves are packed with syrups that taste like nothing more than "sweet." Once you try The Maple Guild, everything changes. A discernible flavor hits your taste buds. Yes, this is maple's true taste. Exactly the way it was meant to be.

All things maple

For The Maple Guild, syrup is just the beginning. We look at the sap that flows from our trees and see potential. We want to change maple's place in the food world forever, with products like flavored iced teas sweetened with our syrup, maple water sports drink, maple cream and maple vinegar naturally fermented in Napa Valley wine barrels. Stay tuned; there are more good things to come from The Maple Guild.

When you taste our maple you can actually taste other flavors that are coming out of the earth—natural vanilla, natural rose. Most people have never tasted a maple this good before.

Mike Argyelan,Chief Executive Officer

We're taking maple, and we're trying to think about it as creatively as possible.

Joe Russo,Chief Operating Officer