Our Difference Once You Try The Maple Guild, You’ll Never Go Back

Our Unique Approach

Our syrup is special, and that’s not bias talking. No one makes maple like we do, from our revolutionary Steam-Crafting™ process to our Tree-to-Table™ approach.

Single-Sourced Sap

Unlike other manufacturers who source their sap from producers all over (including our neighbors to the north), we harvest maple from our very own 24,000-acre sugarbush, and run close to 450,000 active taps — making us the largest single-source producer of maple in the world. We own every part of the maple-making process — from our trees to your table — to guarantee the highest quality and best-tasting products.

Stewards of the Forest

And we don’t just own our trees — we love them. We are the stewards of our sustainable forest, and we work with Mother Nature — not against her. Our sugar maple trees need to be mature (at least 50 years old!) and healthy to produce maple sap, which means we’re really in the business of forest preservation. We are dedicated to sustainability, and we pioneered two processes — Steam-Crafting™ and High Brix RO — to dramatically reduce the fuel and carbon footprint of the maple-making process, while also improving the quality and taste. Everything we make is always organic and non-GMO — no chemical fertilizers or pesticides come near our sugarbush. We do things differently here — it’s a difference your taste buds will definitely notice.

We're taking maple, and we're trying to think about it as creatively as possible.

Joe Russo,Chief Operating Officer