Our Story Maple made perfect in the hills of Vermont.

The Beginning

Did you hear the one about the gourmet chef, the chemist/accountant and the guy who made syrup in his college dorm? It's a true story about three people united by a passion for maple. We want everyone to taste the true flavor of maple. And we're inspired to break boundaries by creating innovative products, showing the world that maple isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Our Place

We found what we were looking for in the small town of Island Pond, Vermont: 25,000 acres of maple trees ideally situated for perfect sap making, in quality and quantity. We found our sugarhouse in what used to be a furniture factory. And we found that the best, and only, breakfast in town is made at the gas station.

Our Vision

In those acres of trees, we saw a raw product: simple, healthful, sustainable and organic. With that sap and our unique process, we were set on changing maple forever. First, make the best tasting, highest quality syrup in the world—light, pure, with true maple flavor. Second, take what nature has to offer and create new and innovative and really delicious products that surprise and delight.

We're 100% Vermont. It's about the care that goes into our 25,000 acres and how to preserve it for years to come.

Mike Argyelan,Chief Executive Officer

The Guild

We are gourmet food innovators and guys who keep the tap lines flowing. We trek deep into frozen woods and stand amidst the steam of maple processors. We are a guild in that we all have a common goal and pursuit: to make the finest maple syrup and maple-based products. It's all for the love of maple.



Maple Alchemist

You dream it, Mike has probably already dreamed it and whipped up a maple version to test out, improved that version and landed on something delicious. Also CEO/CFO. Probably smelled too many lab chemicals in the 60s.



Senior Steam-Crafter™

Knows the Maple Guild processes from start to finish, backwards, upside down and inside out. We hear he recites it in his sleep. Jesse is an integral part of our highly-specific production process. He even knows most of the trees by name.



Man With A Vision

Maple sap runs in Bob's veins. He likes to say that once you experience a sugaring season, you'll always get that magic feeling again when winter starts to warm and thaw. Without Founder Bob none of this would have happened.



The Tree Whisperer

He's part of our team of eyes and ears in the woods. No matter the weather, Adam is out there repairing moose damage and ensuring proper tap protocol. Without healthy trees and clear tap lines, we’d have a whole lot of nothing to steam-craft™ into delicious syrup.