Process We Unlock the Magic of Maple

Pure Maple

Odds are, you’ve never tasted true maple. For centuries, maple makers have been boiling maple sap into an overly caramelized, sugary syrup — and masking the pure flavor of maple in the process.


That’s why we pioneered a new way to make our syrup: Steam-Crafting™. Instead of using direct heat to boil the maple sap, we steam-heat it, resulting in a velvety, Grade A Golden syrup that reveals all the nuance of real maple flavor: still sweet, but with delicate floral and warm vanilla notes, right from the earth.


This is the way maple was meant to be — and maple like this can’t be limited to breakfast. Syrup is just the start. We take our original syrup and we keep innovating, experimenting, and discovering whole new ways to bring maple to the table with our line of delicious maple-based products — from spreads to waters to maple-sweetened teas. Only the highest quality syrup allows us to innovate so much, so we only deliver the highest quality products.

Steam does the work quicker, at a lower temperature. It's all about preserving maple flavor. And by using steam, all of the beauty of the maple comes out.

Bob Saul,Founder