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Stuffed Maple Glazed Acorn Squash

From the chef: “Maple syrup from The Maple Guild is the key ingredient here as it perfectly caramelizes the squash in the oven. I use farrow as I love the texture but if you are GF feel free to use quinoa or brown rice. This recipe is also perfect for a holiday meal prep or to be prepared ahead of time!” - Chef Bai

Features: icon
icon 60 Minutes
icon Servings: 4
icon Medium
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Herbed Dutch Oven Spelt Bread

From the chef: “[This bread is] fermented which means it’s extremely easy and requires absolutely no kneading. You will need patience though as the ideal time for this to ferment and do its thing is 24 hours. Maple syrup is the perfect addition to help the fermentation process while the hint of sweetness rounds out the flavor perfectly!” - Chef Bai

icon 25 Hr
icon 1 Loaf
icon Hard
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Maple Gochujang Cauliflower Wings

icon 60 minutes
icon 1 serving
icon Medium
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Roasted Maple Brussels Sprouts

Features: icon
icon 25 minutes
icon Serves 2
icon Easy
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